Why Lubrication will become Your New Best Friend

Just a little lubrication will make your sexual experiences awesomely incredible.When Should I use Lube?All the moment! The reality is, private lubrication has very little to do with stimulation; it’s actually a hormonal reaction, determined by your own body chemistry. But – it can be affected by many things; such as hormone changes, medications, health conditions, smoking, anxiety, prescriptions — even compounds in soaps and hygiene products. So basically, a Lot of stuff.Do I Really Need Lube?Yes!
Let’s face it: 2 slippery surfaces slipping is WAY more entertaining than two dry surfaces rubbing against each other. There is no reason not to pick up a jar to play with.
Lube will enhance ANY sexual experience, but particularly when there is not sufficient all-natural wetness.

When do I need it?
Anytime! Especially if you’re planning to play with toys or participate in anal sex. You could even check out our handy Q&A post on Locating the best Lube for you.

The number of kinds are there?Lubrication comes from four basic varieties and comes in various weights and textures. Lighter lubes have a natural sense, where thicker lubricant gels will be best for your longer play sessions or for use with toys. It’s possible to add still another dimension to your perceptions with lubrication that supplies you with a sensation effect — like warming, coolingsystem, or tingling. And should you want a delicious treat? It comes from thin to thick textures, is not difficult to clean up, non-irritating, and safe for use with toys, latex, and penetrative play.

Easily reactivated with a spritz of water, it’s a really versatile kind of lubricant. Along with the basic”plain” forms, water based lubricant can also come”levelled-up” with particular effects which provide sensations like warming, cooling, tingling, or flavored. Best of all, these arousing lubricants may also be used internally.
Silicone Based
This is actually the lube for you whether you’re looking for something that lasts quite a long time. It’s a slick feel, never gets tacky, and is great for water and anal play. It will ruin them!
Hybrid (a combination of silicone & water foundation )
This is actually the lube for you if you’re looking for the very best of both worlds: the long-lasting benefits of silicone with the feel of a water-based lube.
Oil Based
Here at the Love Zone, we avoid oil-based lubes; while still ok for male masturbation, they deteriorate toys and latex!
(*Insert scream emoji*)

They aren’t acceptable for safe sex due to the (a condom may deteriorate in just 60 minutes ), and since they don’t”wash” out of the body easily, oil based lubrication isn’t great for vaginal intercourse as it may throw away the pH balance and also cause yeast infections.
So what is the best lube?
It is dependent on your personal taste, and what you enjoy. So try a number of these – It will be a lot of fun, and you will learn exactly what you like best! You might want to purchase one for each sexy event! Read about which lube works best for different sorts of playtime activities in our post: Locating the very best Lube for you.

Post time: Sep-02-2020