BREAKING: Hong Kong AAE 2020 is Postponed to December

According to organizers, the Asia Adult Expo (AAE) 2020 has been postponed to December this year.

The Expo was scheduled to start on August 25th, 2020 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Hall 3G. As an international trade exhibition of adult industry in Asia Pacific for the 13th year, AAE is expected to cater 23% increase of trade visitors this year engaging more diversify and generate much more business opportunities.

Under the affection of Novel Coronavirus, large activities and exhibitions, especially in Asian countries, are facing to be postponed or cancelled. Shanghai Adult Expo has been postponed to August 14th.

Thankfully, the pandemic situation in most countries began to slow down last month. Many business and conpanies around the world are gradually returning to work. We believe that, Covid-19 effect on the August expo will be greatly reduced. 

Last month, our company has started to prepare for the exhibition: selecting the exhibited products, designing brochure and booth decoration. With the expansion of our product design team and upgrading of factories, our company has released more than 100 new products in the past six months, from butt plugs, tail anal plugs to harnesses, headgear and so on. We can’t wait to show all these excellent products to our customers. We miss our friends very much.

Yesterday, June 2nd, however, Hong Kong government announced two-week extension of ban against more than eight gathering in public, with quarantine measures continuing over longer term  as four new cluster cases raise ‘super spreader’ fears. 

Compulsory quarantine will also apply until July 7th for travellers from mainland China, Macau and Taiwan, and September 18th for arrivals from overseas. The indefinite ban on non-residents flying into Hong Kong from abroad continues as well.

Due to this extension, the organizers of AAE had to postpone the expo to December.

Yes, this is really frustrating. But we can also chat and video call via the Internet. Our business is continuing online. Most of customers are developing online shop. We know the trending of online business. This pandemic let us understand that online business is becoming and will always be the mainstream of future business forms. 

We will share more of our company’s new articles and hot products on social media, and will also introduce the new factory by video and pictures. Follow us here.

It has been very difficult for foreigners to come to China for a long time recently. If you want to know more about the technology and environment of our factories, you can also have a video call with us. We will take you to watch the factory remotely through WhatsApp or Skype. Of course, you can see our 360-degree factory inspection video through our Alibaba website.


Post time: Jun-03-2020