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BDSM Impact Play - The Best Guide for Kink Beginners

You may heard about Genshin Impact Play, but do you know BDSM Impact Play ? If you are interested in it, then please going with us, we will show you what is impact play, let you know different types of impact play and everything you should know about it.

What is Impact Play?

Impact play is a BDSM play that involves keep hitting your partner for the sexual gratification of either or both parties, like spanking, punching, whipping, or flogger.

The difference is in the tool chosen to deliver the impact. For someone, the preferred method of "impact play" is to inflict deep tissue bruising, but this is more dangerous forms than other impact play and requires more time for practice.

Types of Impact Play


Spanking is the most famous type of impact play. You can do it as long as you have hands. What's more interet is  spanking can make you feel your partner's flesh, and it's okay to stop do do something if you want to.

It's also harder to injure your partner unintentionally because your hands don't have sharp edges like some toys. Give your partner 1-2 second for recover, The faster you play, the stronger it feels. Or you can try spanking in the bedroom for role-playing, such as the naughty student and teacher combo. Pull your noisy partner onto your lap or let them lean against a table.


A paddle is a flat spanking tool with a handle. They are usually long, narrow rectangles, but also come in round, leaf-shaped, and many other shapes.

Paddles come in a variety of materials (leather, wood, rubber, metal, and silicone, etc.) and textures (some are even lined with fur). You can rub your partner's bare bottom with a furry paddle like a spanking with a rough toy, and feel more intense.

Picture 1--- Spanking with a Leather Paddle (Clcik the picture above to get the some paddle)


A flogger is a toy with a handle and multiple "tails", exact quantity vary by design. It is another great option when you're exploring impact play. They're easy to pick up, and a variety of sizes and materials means you can choose a toy with the strength you want. Flogger handles are usually (but not always) wrapped in leather. The tail is available in a variety of materials. You can vary the intensity by changing how hard you swing the whip, and the design of the toy can also affect how much pain it produces.

Practices are necessary for this play, as with all forms of impact play, you should practice hand the flogger on the pillow first. This can give you an idea of how far away you need to be from your target, and how hard you need to switch to make sure the end of the flogger's tail hits your target.


Ridding cropping is traditionally used by equestrian athletes, but has been adopted by the perverted crowd who love impact play, including those who love pony/pet play. 

A croper consists of a thin, flexible rod, usually wrapped in leather, but can also be made of other materials. At one end is a circle of leather or another small piece of thin leather that acts as a beater.

Remember to use the end of the crop and not the rod to touch your partner's body. The small size of the crop creates a more petty, more intense feel, covering only a small circumference. Repeating the movement on the same part of your partner's body will enhance this feeling.

Picture 2 --- Leaf Pattern Ridding Crop (Clcik the picture above to get the some product)


A walking stick is a thin rod, usually made of rattan or bamboo. The finer the feeling, the stronger the feeling. Canes are generally known for producing severe pain due to their thinness, so they are only loved by a few who like to push their boundaries. 

Fans of whipping also love the sound they make when you swing them in the air. It can send chills down the spine of your intended partner. This fear is why some people like caning.

Allow 10 to 40 seconds between each tap with the cane to give your partner a chance to prepare for the next tap. Canes can damage the skin, so you must use them carefully.


While leather and suede whips are the most common, you'll also find unique silicone whips. Most leather whips have braided tails. The tail can also be knotted for added feel. Bullwhip is like something Indiana Jones carries. They are between 35 and 63 inches in length. The longer the whip, the more skill to control.

Whips can easily break skin or cause accidental injury, which is why we only recommend whips to experienced kinks and professionals. Like a whip, if you don't know how to aim properly, the whip wraps will around your partner's body .

Picture 3 --- Red Whip for Impact Play or Bondage Pley (Clcik the picture above to get the some product)


Imagine punching a face, but with clenched fists instead of flat palms. A light-to-heavy blow to the chest or hip is a great way to play this pounding form safely. 

Be sure to stay away from the face, spine, or any major organs, and any other place that isn't approved by your partner.


A slapper is basically a hand slapping that occurs on a body part other than the buttocks. For example: thighs, cheeks, breasts, penis. It is advisable to master the art of slapping on fleshy surfaces like the butt before exploring these delicate surfaces.

It's best to start with light tapping and then move on to stronger tapping, but do this with caution, you could be hurting your partner if you try too hard on this.

Picture 4 --- LOCKINK®  Adjustable Leacher Slapper (Clcik the picture above to get the some product)


You can slap your genitals and breasts with open hands, or if you want something a little more extreme, clench your fists and hit with the flats of your fingers instead of your knuckles, pulling your fist a few inches away from the target.

In addition to the "sweet spot" mentioned above, you can also punch below the collarbone but above the breasts. A tense stomach can also take a hit, but you should be more careful to avoid the face, neck, joints, and breastbone.


Kicks are a more extreme form of impact play because the leg muscles are very strong. A common influence play technique is for a person to kick their partner's genitals.

You can use the top of your foot instead of your toes to reduce hard kicking. Don't kick with all your strength, be careful not to hurt your partner.

However, the hands of the Dom person can easily get tired,  using one of the following tools can also reduce the pressure on your hands.

Best Impact Play Tools (6)

Aftercare for Impact Play : The Most Important Thing

Aftercare is post-play event in which all parties check in on one another to ensure the scene was enjoyable, including mental and physical.

In mental,both parties should share how they felt, tend to each other, and discuss how to improve the next time. In physical, It's an essential part of any sex that involves risk of physical harm, for example impact play, and may require bringing the submissive partner food, water, and ice for any bruises.

Impact Play Terms You Should Know

In order to take care of impact play beginners, we made a list about some impact play terms that kink usually use, pleast check table below:

Table 1 -- 13 Impact Play Terms -- LOCKINK

Numbers Terms Definition



BDSM refer to Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism, and is an umbrella term for any kinky game that involves a consensual exchange of power.




Bondage is when one partner (usually submissive) is bound by the dominant partner. Usually play with impact play, as tying up the submissive and then voluntarily it adds to the thrill of the scene.



Dom drop and sub drop:

 Some mental change after experience BDSM scene. They may fell guilty or depression about, so take care of their partner during their fall is essential.




D/S stands for domination and submission. Often one partner takes the lead or top role. In pounding games, this is someone who spanks or some other form of play. The submissive is the bottom, or the person who is physically affected.



Edge play

Edge play refers to BDSM activities that push the limits of what is considered safe, sane, and voluntary. This usually refers to activities involving body fluids and blood. Single-tailed whips are considered a form of edge play because they suck blood and cause damage if used incorrectly.



Hard limits

Your hard limits are absolutely prohibited activities and should be communicated to your partner before the competition.



Soft limit

A soft limit is something you're curious about trying but hesitant to try. Maybe in the future, you'll want to try them, but as of now, it's not possible. Your limits may change over time.




A kink refers to any sexual interest outside the vanilla norm of heterosexuality.



Pain sluts

A submissive who enjoys extreme pain, physical or mental. It is a way to increase sensitivity to pleasure and create a sort of endorphin rush for all participant.




RACK stands for Risk-Aware Voluntary Kink and is a guideline that all kink play should follow. This means that all parties understand the risks they are taking and agree.



Safe word

A safe word is a word agreed upon by all parties to indicate that it is time to stop the game immediately. For examples  "stop" or "no" .




A scene usually accompanied with a story or a play, such as planning a pet play or role play for kinky play will occurs.




Switch is someone who can literally switch enjoy both dominant and submissive roles.


Where can I learn More About BDSM?

Please check the BDSM blog on our website. You will learn more knowledge about how to start BDSM.

Or you can also go to Kink.com for more video info, It’s the most popular BDSM community in the world.

How to Start an Impact Play with My Partner?

The first thing we should do is communicate with him/she about what they want to acquire from the activity and talk about what are prohibited.

How to Safely Start an Impact Play?

Choose a safe word, like “red”  stand for stop, and  “yellow” stand for slower. Since if we are play a role, you may say “no” or “stop” or some other words, but what they want really is continue, that’s why you should choose safe words more than“no”.