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Chastity device is one of the most popular play in BDSM, including chastity belt and chastity cage. Both men and women can wear chastity device as part of the BDSM play, chastity belts are designed for woman, chastity cock cage for man. Next, let us introduce what is is cock cage, what is it used for and how to measure your penis and buy a suitable cage for him.

What is a Cock Cage?

Cock cage is a plastic cage that can put man's penis in, it used for prevents the wearer engaging in sexual or masturbation without the permission of the dominator who hold the key pod.  As the sole officially authorized agent of QIUI, LOCKINK sell all QIUI product, inclduding cellmate 1.0 cock cage, cellmate 2.0 cock cages, bluetooth chastity keypod.

Why Man Loves to Wear Cock Cage?

Being caged is very exciting and fulfilling. Refusing to orgasm will increases your libido and improves human's focus, likes" it is always in turmoil that cannot be obtained".

Control and Chastity: This is the men's favorite part "not getting off" . As if you gave up something. Give complete control to someone you trust, and chastity is an extension of it.

Punishiment: It also increases the risk of a dom/sub relationship where a master or mistress can punish their sub by denying them sex, not just sex but the ability to orgasm.

Invisible Bondage play: It's a very secret form of bondage that can be worn every day, like a girl wearing sexy lingerie and people don't know it.

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How to measure your penis for a cock cage?

Prepare before:  

1. Learn the cage you like:  If you decide buy QIUI 2.0 cellmate chastity online, please carefully understand the structure of cage - integrated design; 

2. Buy measureing tools: Prepare a flexible measuring tape and a ruler, flexiable one used for measure the diameter and circumference, and the ruler for length.


Step 1--- Measure length: Grab a ruler, tuck it in on top of your penis, and get the end of the ruler as snug to your pubic bone as possible. Don’t press it right in or you’ll measure too long. Make a note of the measurement data.

Step 2--- Measure diameter: Using a soft measuring tape, measure the root of the penis. This will let you understand what diameter of the cage you need. Also, please take a note of the measurement result.

Step 3--- Measure circumference:  Also use the size tape, and then circulate it around the axis. Do some measurement in different areas. Divide the measurement by 3.14 to work out diameter of the penis. Compare all the diameter measuring values of the penis and work from the maximum maximum value, so you will get a comfortable cock cage.

After measure:

If all measureing is done, you will know your size, then you can buy the cock cage you likes online. QIUI cellmate cock cage have 2 size for you choice: Internal length 95mm and 65mm; both of them are universal diameter Φ55mm.

How to put on a cock cage?

If you measure your penis correctly, most of the work is done.This chassis from QIUI is designed in one piece, you just need to remember to use lube before wearing to ensure there is no friction when installing. 


We hope our measure guide will help you find a best cock cage for yourself. But it is also a general guide. Your personal preference may contrary to our guidelines, which is totally OK.

Just keep in mind that you should never feel pain or discomfort when wearing a chastity cage. If you are looking for a cage that can be worn for a long time, we recommend that you wear it during the day and pay attention to any changes, such as discoloration, loss of consciousness or odor to ensure that the cage is suitable.